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Feature Request and Bug Report

Did You Know?

As a node operator, you are welcome to create feature requests and submit bug reports on Github to improve the experience of running a node. Head to nearcore repository on Github to open an issue, and don't forget to tag the issue with the nodeX tag to indicate that this issue is related to Node Experience.

Feature Request and Bug Report‚Äč

The NEAR team is actively solicitating feedback from the Node and Validator Community, and offers a process for the community to engage in feature / enhancement requests and to submit bug reports. Besides the existing NEAR Validator channels, the NEAR team is introducing a formal process for feature requests and bug reports.

With respect to the experience of operating a NEAR node, all bugs and feature enhancements are publicly tracked in the Github project tracker Node Experience. Node operators are welcome to create new issues for features and bugs, and to add these issues into the Github project tracker.

  • New Feature / Enhancement Request:

    • Please create a Github issue
    • The issue will be reviewed and filtered through Incoming Requests column in the Github project Node Experience, where they will be groomed and slated for development based on priority
  • Bug Report:

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