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Debug Pages

Debug pages is a feature that allows node maintainers to navigate detailed information about the node in a structured way

Enable Debug Pages

To enable debug pages modify your config.json file and restart the node.

"rpc": {
"enable_debug_rpc": true,

By default, debug pages will become accessible on <your node ip>:3030/debug.
If you modified your rpc address in config, then debug page will be accessible on <config.rpc.addr>/debug.

Last blocks page

Displays 50 most recent blocks. Shows hash, as well as time and gas stats for block and every shard.
On the left schematically displays the chain to visualize forks.

Network info page

Displays a table of peers. For every peer shows:

  • some sync information like height and last block hash;
  • id information like validator pool name (if peer is a validator), peer id;
  • network information like address, traffic, route;
  • node information like archival flag and tracked shards.

TIER1 Network info page

Similar to network page, but about TIER1 network.

Epoch info page

Displays several tables related to epochs:

  • Start height and epoch hash for last 4 epochs, current epoch and next epoch;
  • Validators in the current epoch;
  • Validators in the next epoch;
  • Validator proposals;
  • Validator kickouts;
  • Validator type for current validators in 6 epochs described on the page. Whether the validator is a block producer or a chunk-only producer;
  • Shard sizes for 5 out of 6 epochs described on the page (because one of them didn't start yet).

Chain & Chunk info page

Displays information about chunks requested and received by the node

Sync info page

Displays a page with tracked shards for this epoch and the next epoch. Also shows status of three sync algorithms that are executed sequentially if the node is behind:

  • Header sync
  • State sync
  • Block sync

Validator info page

Displays information related to blocks and chunks produced by the node and approvals or skips sent by other nodes.

Client Config page

Displays client config JSON of the node.