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Upgradeable Staking Pool

NEAR Protocol is launch an upgradeable staking pool contract with features include:

  • Upgradeability
  • Stake farming

In the future, this upgradeable staking pool contract will also support action to stake to Chunk-Only Producers. The upgradeable staking contract's name on Testnet is factory01.littlefarm.testnet. The contract name on Mainnet is pool.near.

Deploy a New Staking Pool Contract

Calls the staking pool factory, creates a new staking pool with the specified name, and deploys it to the indicated accountId.

For Testnet: (This call will not work as the code_hash has not been added to the factory. Please stay tuned for announcement when this contract is ready.)

near call factory01.littlefarm.testnet  create_staking_pool '{"staking_pool_id": "<poolId>", "owner_id": "<accountId>", "stake_public_key": "<public key in validator.json>", "reward_fee_fraction": {"numerator": 5, "denominator": 100}, "code_hash": "GGfKUF9TuAFN4AzbecPonNGuRTuVqx8UPXmViogN8pRm"}' --accountId="<accountId>" --amount=4 --gas=300000000000000

For Mainnet:

near call pool.near create_staking_pool '{"staking_pool_id": "<poolId>", "owner_id": "<accountId>", "stake_public_key": "<public key>", "reward_fee_fraction": {"numerator": 5, "denominator": 100}}' --accountId="<accountId>" --amount=4 --gas=300000000000000

In the example above, you need to replace:

  • Pool ID: Staking pool name, the factory automatically adds its name to this parameter, creating {pool_id}.{staking_pool_factory}. Let's take aurora as an example:
    • aurora.factory01.littlefarm.testnet for testnet
    • aurora.pool.near for mainnet
  • Owner ID: The NEAR account that will manage the staking pool. Usually your main NEAR account.
  • Public Key: The public key in your validator_key.json file.
  • 5: The fee that the pool will charge (e.g. in this case 5 over 100 is 5% of fees).
  • Account Id: The NEAR account deploying the staking pool.

Be sure to have at least 4 NEAR available, it is the minimum required for storage in the new pool contract.

Once a new staking pool is deployed and associated now with the new node, you can start the stake migration to the new pool. To migrate stake, take a look at the Stake and Delegation page.

Submit a Proposal

In order to have a validator seat, you must submit a proposal with a ping. A ping issues a new proposal and updates the staking balances for your delegators. A ping should be issued each epoch to keep reported rewards current.


near call <staking_pool_id> ping '{}' --accountId <accountId> --gas=300000000000000

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